“Dauntless and Daring – Women of the Gael”  

Glynis Casson and Cormac de Barra ‘s new show “Dauntless and Daring – Women of the Gael” tells the stories of eight incredibly brave and fiesty Irish Women . They had fiery tempers, determination, some loved, some lied, some fought, but above all they were survivors. All these women are different in background, personality, talents and fame, but all are strong and brave, who have made their mark in Ireland and throughout the world, but who also sadly have too often been forgotten by history.

We hear about the devious Gormlaith, who became High Queen of Ireland three times, Kilkenny's famous witch Dame Alice Kytler and the wild adventurous pirate Anne Bonny. The great ladies of love Marie Louise O'Morphi, who at fifteen became the favourite mistress of Louis XV and Lola Montez who travelled the world as a dancer and courtesan of great renown. We tell the story of Daisy Bates from Roscrea who spent almost forty years living with the Aborigines in South Australia. Representing the great women of 1916 is Elizabeth O'Farrell, a woman of the amazing bravery and patriotism, who was in the GPO Easter 1916 and was asked by Pearse to bring his message of surrender to the Commander of the British Forces. The show finishes with the fascinating life and memorable songs of another queen from Mayo, the Queen of Ballads herself– Delia Murphy.
All these stories are interspersed with songs and the music of the harp.