The Harp that Once

Actress singer Glynis Casson and harpist Cormac de Barra tell you the story the Irish Harp with the beautiful music of O'Carolan and traditional Irish songs. Woven into this story are the lives of Glynis' father, well known actor/harpist Christopher Casson and Cormac's grandmother Róisin Ní Sheaghda, who during her life contributed so much to the revival of singing old Irish songs with harp accompaniment.

The programme includes such beautiful songs as “She Moved Through The Fair,” “Courtin in the Kitchen”, Thomas Moore's “Oft in the Stilly Night” and Patrick Kavanagh's haunting “Raglan Road.”

Growing up in theatrical and Irish traditional musical families, Glynis and Cormac have many fascinating stories to tell of the wonderful Irish actors, poets, musicians and artists they have known from childhood.

So this programme of harp, song and story together weave a magic tapestry in “The Harp that Once.”