1. Harp “Quiet land of Erin.” – 1 verse

2. Poem “Invocation to Ireland”

3. Song “Quiet land of Erin.” – 3 verses

4. Legend The Coming of the Tuatha De Danaan

5. Harp “Brian Boru's March.”

6. Poem “The Hosting Of The Sidhe” – Yeats

7. Song “The Land of Heart's Desire.” – Yeats

8. Legend “Midir and Etain”

with Harp accompaniment

9. Legend “The Children of Lir”

With Song “ Silent O Moyle”

10. Harp “Carolan's Concerto”

11. Legend “Deirdre Of The Sorrows”

With Song “Deirdre's lament” -

Synge “Deirdre of the Sorrows”

12. Harp “Ar Eirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé Hé.”


1. Song Oft In The Stilly Night

Thomas Moore

2. Harp The Last Rose Of Summer

3. Oscar Wilde Duchess of Berwick “Lady Windermere's Fan”

4. Harp Walshe's Hornpipe

5. Lady Gregory “Donal Og”.

6. Song “Shule Agra”

7. Synge Widow Quinn “ The Playboy of the Western


8. Song “I Know My Love.”

9. Sean O'Casey Maisie Madigan – “June and the Paycock”

10. Harp Arrane Ghelbee

11. James Joyce Portrait of an Artist

12 Donagh MacDonagh Happy As Larry

13. Song Spanish Lady

14. Patrick Kavanagh If Ever You Go to Dublin Town

15. Harp Eleanor Plunkett - Carolan

16. Yeats “Red Hanrahan's Song About Ireland”

16. Song “Roisin Dubh”