“Yeats' Women”

“Yeats' Women” was written by Glynis Casson to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Yeats' birth in Sandymount where the first performance was held in 2015.
Glynis and Daniel Costello tells the story of Yeats' life and the women who supported him and helped him;
George his wife and his sisters Lily and Lolly,

Lady Gregory who gave him huge support and encouragement with his poetry and helped him found The Irish National Theatre, Annie Horniman who helped him financially to start the Irish National Theatre and who hoped to marry him!
Maude Gonne his muse and the love of his life who broke his heart, but was the inspiration for his wonderful love poems, Olivia Shakespear who was his first lover and became his great friend and we meet many other loves from his later life.

The story is illustrated with Yeats' poetry – such favourites as “The Wanderings of Oisin,”
“The Stolen Child,” When You Are Old” , “Never Give All Your Heart,” “The Second Coming” and “Easter 1916” and many other of his wonderful poems.
Claire Roche, Harpist and Singer , has put a number of Yeats' poems to music which she sings to her harp accompaniment and adds a beautiful dimension to his poetry. Glynis sings the much beloved “Down By The Sally Gardens” and the song from his play “The Land of Heart's Desire“

“Yeats' Women” is a beautiful show, giving the fascinating story of Yeats' life and work and illustrated with his poetry with voice, music and song.